I was born in London and spent my early years living in my grand parents pub in Paddington. At the age of five we moved to the Buckinghamshire countryside and I swapped the city streets for fields. I spent my spare time riding horses, or climbing the branches of an oak tree to contemplate the world below and feed my imagination for the first books I ever wrote, about horses and gypsies and other childish romantic stories.

London lured me back again in the seventies but not for too long. I met my husband and we moved to Kent, had a couple of daughters then went off to live and work in the Middle East.

On our return we settled in the countryside again, just outside Farnham, where I've lived, worked, studied and written for around twenty-five years. In that time I've managed cross-cultural briefing courses, published a tourist guide, taught English as a second language and gained a degree from the Open University. By night I was the vocalist in a nineties cover band: The Dangerous Dogs Act, appearing in venues around Surrey and Hampshire.

I created GingerCat Books, independent publishers, in 2007 and self-published my own books, Whisky 'n' Ginger, followed by The Siren, and then Sea Creatures through the imprint, CAVA Books, launched at The London Book Fair in 2009.

With the help of a Sales and Marketing Manager we worked hard at promoting the books and I was signed up to a lot of great book-signing events in London, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire. The support from bookshops and readers alike was really welcome and encouraging. Thank you all.

Currently I'm a writer again, working on an historical novel set in sixteenth century Italy, and I've nearly finished a sequel to Sea Creatures.

Performing with The Dangerous Dogs Act
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