March 2013

It's been well over a year since I posted some news, so here is an update.

During our notoriously long wet summer of 2012, I was busy working on the sequel to Sea Creatures. The book is called The Song the Waves Sing and continues the Moon family saga in Cornwall. I am pleased to say the book is now available through Amazon both as a print and kindle edition, and it can also be ordered from bookshops.
At the moment I'm working on a novel set in Kenya and then my attention will be fully focused on an historical novel set in Elizabethan London. It is one of my favourite periods in history so the research has been very rewarding and interesting. I even went on a sixteenth century walk through the City of London, followed by a visit to the Museum of London and the Tower.
As well as writing I've been busy reading the wonderful books recommended by my local book club. Book clubs are such a great way to catch up on books that might pass us by and, of course, gossip and news!
Have a great year
Best wishes

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