Spring 2014

Itís been a wet old winter and there seemed no end to the rain. I really feel for those people who have had their homes flooded and the daunting and miserable task they face, cleaning up and trying to replace everything that was destroyed.

Thank goodness now for longer days and sunny ones, spring flowers and warmth.

As for writing, I have been busy. The novel set in Africa is on its final draft and I hope to publish soon. After months and years of research for two historical novels, I am nearing the first draft of a story set in sixteenth century Lucca, Italy. When that is complete I will settle down to write an Elizabethan whodunit.
Thank you everyone who has supported me by buying my books, print and kindle, and especially for their modest success in the Amazon Kindle store. If you felt inclined to post a nice review on Amazon about any of the titles, I would be grateful.
Have a fabulous year and letís hope we continue to see a bit more of the golden disc in the sky, and less of the rain.
To thank all you readers, particularly those of you who purchased kindle editions I will be giving away 25 print editions for each of the following titles:
  • Whisky Ďní Ginger
  • The Siren
  • Sea Creatures
  • The Song the Waves Sing

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