Review - The Siren

From: The Farnham Herald, November 2008
Written by: Sue Cansfield

The Siren is a colourful romantic thriller, featuring a good English girl, a bad American girl and their relationship with a handsome Italian boatman, Antonio. And of course there is Gianni, the village cat who grabs some of the action.
The setting is in a village on the Amalfi coast in southern Italy with one or two chapters taking the reader across the Atlantic to Boston to delve into the murky past of Diana – a disturbed and dangerous young woman who is not all that she seems.
With the arrival of Jo Sullivan from England and her subsequent involvement with Antonio, intrigue, jealousy and revenge further raises the temperature on the sun drenched hillside as the story hots up to its gripping zenith and a satisfyingly romantic conclusion.
The Siren is just the sort of easy read book most women will enjoy reading while relaxing on holiday, at bedtime or curled up in front of the fire on a winter's evening.

Both paperback novels can be purchased from leading bookshops in your local area.

Published by GingerCat Books
First Edition (Paperback) ISBN 978-0-9555997-2-9
Second Edition (Amazon Kindle) ISBN 978-0-9555997-8-1

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