Review - Whisky 'n Ginger

From: The Farnham Herald, November 2008
Written by: Sue Cansfield

Val Harris who lives in Dippenhall just outside Farnham has publisher her second book, The Siren, and, although featuring another intelligent feline, it is a far cry from her first novel, Whisky 'n' Ginger.
Inspired by her own cat, Whisky 'n' Ginger is an intriguing tale about a middle-aged man immersed in his own self-obsessed gloom and guilt, and Aston, a remarkably verbose ginger cat whose mission is to get him back on track.
But don't anyone think life with Aston is easy. The cat is a bit of a chancer with pretensions to stardom which regularly lands his owner in trouble with both the law and other beings who impinge on his sad alcohol and nicotine fuelled existence.
However, finding homes for Aston's offspring brings him in to contact with a loving family who with further somewhat traumatic events show him life is worth living.

This charming book, loaded with both pathos and humour, isn't just a captivating read for cat lovers, it is also a tonic for those who love a bit of nonsense.

Published by GingerCat Books
Second Edition (Paperback) ISBN 978-0-9555997-3-6
Third Edition (Amazon Kindle) ISBN 978-0-9555997-9-8

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