Review - Whisky 'n Ginger

Reviewed by The Book Review Service (Moorhen Publishing)

"Funny, moving, beguiling – this book is a refreshing delight!"
This is a delightful little book. More a novella than a novel, it is nevertheless a satisfying read.
Tormented by his conviction that he was responsible for a fatal family accident the guilt-ridden central character has also suffered a breakdown in his marriage. He lives an increasingly isolated existence made bearable by a combination of drink and the recently discovered joys of the nonsense verse of Edward Lear.
Into this existence strolls a cat, in the way that cats often do. But this is no ordinary cat. One evening, having endured his new owner's loud rendition of a Lear verse, the cat strikes up a conversation. The garrulous cat then leads his new owner into a number of escapades that result in embarrassingly frequent contact with the local vet and police force.
Does the cat really talk? Is it the drink talking? Maybe incipient mental illness is to blame. Whatever the reality, the story moves to a conclusion that left this reader satisfied.
It was only after I'd finished the book that I realised that the central character is never referred to by name. That is an interesting device and helps in the creation of the feeling of loneliness: there is no one there to use his name.

Val Harris is clearly an astute observer of both people and cats. The book is written with a reader-friendly clarity and the text is broken into short scenes so that I was constantly tempted not to put the book down, but to read just to the next scene break – and so it went on.

Published by GingerCat Books
Second Edition (Paperback) ISBN 978-0-9555997-3-6
Third Edition (Amazon Kindle) ISBN 978-0-9555997-9-8

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